Voices of ENCANTO


We’re heading to Colombia to hang out with one of the coolest families around – none other than the magical Madrigals! This incredible cast is stacked with some of the best performers around – but the secret behind this cast is… many of them never actually acted before! From the seasoned veterans to the newbies who brought their talents to the Disney screen – no one missed a beat when filming Encanto. Stephanie Beatriz is no stranger to the business – the Argentinian-born actress has spent loads of time doing voiceover in the booth and acting in Brooklyn 99 as Rosa Diaz. Being part of this film was extra special for the actress – especially since her father is Colombian! There was no shortage of legends in this cast. We’re talking about the likes of John Leguizamo, María Cecilia Botero, Diane Guerrero, and Wilmer Valderrama just to name a few! There were some other pros in this movie who didn’t happen to be so well-versed in the filming world – but that didn’t stop them from blowing us out of the water. You’d never guess that Adassa and Mauro Castillo had never done any acting before because their parts in the movie made their mark. We wouldn’t be surprised if we start hearing their voices a whole lot more! What was extra special about this whole cast is that all of them had some personal connection to Colombia – either they were from there themselves – María Cecilia Botero recorded the entire movie from her home country- or one of their parents was Colombian. Getting to celebrate that culture and passion boosted everyone’s performance and left us with work that is nothing short of amazing. We’re Encanto fans, there’s no doubt about it.

The Things


January 20, 2022